Friday, October 29, 2010

Fall Fairies

 007008011  Pink and Green Mama to the rescue again!  I had my nieces coming over for a visit and pulled this idea from her fabulous repertoire!  It is so simple—try it out!  I betcha have the supplies at home already!  All you need are:
  • pipe cleaner
  • wooden beads
  • sharpie markers
  • faux flowers/leaves
  • pony beads
Fold one piece of pipe cleaner in half-cut another in half and wrap around to make arms.  Make sure to do arms after the head is in place.
Fold hair inside the loop of large pipe cleaner and pull wooden bead up to make the head
Sharpie away a face on your fab fall fairy
Add 3 ponly beads—2 is the shirt and 1 are the undies
Add the flower skirt and form hands and feet-tah dah!!  A lovely fall fairy!
Happy Crafting!

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