Sunday, April 3, 2011

Bird Nests

I am ready for spring—cold weather I am done with you!  Sadly, I think we might get one more dusting of snow this week—guess I can postpone shaving my legs and bustin’ out my sunless tanner for a bit longer.  Ha—okay kidding aside… I have seen so many cute crafts out for spring!  Zoinks!! I am on overload and I want to try them all! 

The lovely blogger of Bugs and Fishes has made a new slew of birds and has a book coming out soon.  I find her work so inspiring along with her idea sharing!  You should check it out! 

Are you ready to have the cuteness meter shoot through the roof? Check out this blogpost by Pink and Green Mama.  This girl is Aaaaamazing!  Whenever I am going to host a play date I make sure to checkout MaryLea’s latest ideas.  They are great and so kid friendly!

Finally, my friend Janet from The Empty Nest sent something through my facebook feed about bird nest cookies.  That version looked fancy but it reminded me of a quick version I had not enjoyed since Kindergarten.  I thought it would be the perfect project for Lil one day after preschool.  These are so simple you can easily crank out your own before Easter.

Here is what you will need:

chocolate chips

butterscotch chips

Chinese noodles (I used about 3 tins worth)

and “eggs”  (we used Whopper eggs cause I liked all the speckles on the candy shell—more life like right?

Heat chips over double boiler and slowly melt down.  Stir in Chinese noodles.  My little one loved helping with this part but be careful—super hot still!  Spoon onto wax paper and make nest indentation with the back of the spoon.  Quickly add in the eggs and then they will stick to the nest as it cools.  So easy and fun!  Plus we shipped these nests off to preschool the next day and they were a huge hit with the kids.  Awesome!  My question for you is what do you like better… the chocolate nest or the butterscotch?  Enjoy!!009