Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Leaf Bowl

I found this charming project from a lovely blog…and now I can’t find the link to show some love!  Oh dear!  This idea is not mine and if I can find the source I will add it in this entry.

If you would like to make your own leaf bowl the steps are simple. 

  • Go on a nature hunt and find some colorful leaves.
  • Put the leaves under some heavy books and allow to flatten overnight.  This was a time consuming nuisance for my Goose who “wants to do the project”!
  • Get a glass bowl.  I tried to score one at the dollar store but struck out.  Bummer.  You can pick one up at Michaels but be sure to take your 50% off coupon.  If you still have to make your candy corn wreath…take a coupon for the Styrofoam too.  Who knew…Styrofoam is expensive!
  • Cover the entire bowl in Mod-Podge—gotta love the Mod-Podge.  ***Note*** If you have never used the Podge before you will love it.  Make sure to really wash out your brushes post project or it is nearly impossible to bring them back to life when the Podge dries in the bristles.  I had to learn this the hard way. 
  • Apply the leaves.  I let Lil do this step.  Which, truth be told, was a little hard cause I wanted to fill all the space and make it look more symmetrical but alas that would have spoiled the fun.
  • Once the leaves are on, coat them with Mod-Podge and allow the entire bowl to dry over night.  We kept our bowl outside since Mod-Podge has a “funny” odor according to my little one.
  • Place a tea light inside and voila!!  It is a delightful centerpiece inside or outside.

Here are the pictures of our leaf bowl project.  This always helps me…I am a visual learner.

 003 005008010  016 018 019  041 040037

Have fun and if any of you web crawlers can find the blog that did this-- send me the link.  xo!!

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  1. This is a neat project. I love Modge Podge. Thanks for posting.