Sunday, October 24, 2010

Cows n Corn

You know you live in the country when…

Okay really this is a sweet story and so typical of me.  Lillie’s first little field trip for her preschool St. Stephen’s and I am lost.  Shocker.  Yes, even with my GPS.   I am going to go down in history as the Worlds Worst Mom cause we are about to miss the hayride with all of her classmates.  Oh Geez.  I can see the big silo painted like an ear of corn and I am circling and circling—where do I enter this farm?  Where are all of the other moms parked?  Panic is setting in.  Full speed ahead I pull into the local post office.  I go in and sputter out my story-and how about we are about to miss the hayride.  Help!  A very sweet customer adorned in her fight for breast cancer t-shirt ( I heart her already) says “awww honey –you just bout there” and she proceeds to give me the 2 step directions to a place where I could pretty much walk.  Sadly, I can’t hear it-I am in full panicky mode.  She must see it- “awww honey lemme just take you there-it is on my way” I love her.  Lillie talked and talked forever about how nice it was of her to help us.  And kind stranger if you ever read this post-we made the hayride.  Thank you so much!! xoxo 

If you need a fun fall activity to do—I highly recommend cows-n-corn.  This is a Dairy Farm that makes the time during the fall season to take kids on hay rides, teach them a bit about the dairy industry and have them make and taste homemade butter and ice cream!  Best of all they can run around on the beautiful farm land and work their way through a the corn maze.   A new fall tradition for this family!

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  1. You made me laugh...great photos! Looks like you had a wonderful time despite the rocky start.

    Janet xox