Friday, January 21, 2011

Picture Perfect Portrait…or not

Before embarking on the whole stay-at-home gig, I taught art at a local middle school.  I love it and miss it and was reminded of a lesson the other day.


A hard beast to tackle ,I think , even for the best portrait artists.  I would practice with the children how the face is divided down the middle for symmetry.  The face is then divided into thirds and then we would place the facial features.  It was always fun,and all were great, although none were “perfect”.   Myself included!  One of the hardest habits to get the kids to kick—eye placement.  I would joke—“move the eyes down-ya need room for your brains!”  Eyelids would also go to the wayside.  “Are you surprised in your portrait?”  “Be sure to include eyelids.”  They usually show almost all the time—surprised or not.   Right??

Perhaps I should take a look in the mirror.




Where the h- e- double toothpicks are my eyelids?  Seriously.


Sunday, January 16, 2011

New Year’s Resolution…write in blog more often

Oh dear.  Resolutions are already slipping and Christmas was over in a flash.  Like all, we had a bustling Christmas and New Year.  The dust had finally settled and I thought a break would be given before Goose turns 5.  No such luck.   Parenting skills are currently being tested with a round of the stomach flu.  Yee Haw.  But in all seriousness—life is good and I have many new projects to share.  For now, I will back track and finally post some holiday pictures.005012Lillie and Caleb’s photo taken for the o-so-standard Christmas Card.  Are you happy Gammie??  Ha ha!  To see a past (and way more fun) card click here.


Time to open stockings.  Great Eva knits every family member a stocking with lots of  TLC.  After Caleb was born—his stocking arrived in a flash.  I wish I could get things done like that—wowee! *On a side note*  Perhaps I should put a new robe on next year’s list?  New sheets too—less pattern.  Oh the glamour of being Mom.


  Lots of gift opening and even a “jewel” from Santa!  What girl doesn’t want some bling for Christmas?097087

                                       Patient…very patient cousins.089

Caleb hanging out with Papa.  He is wearing the bib G.G. made for Lil.  I love it!!  He must have just had a bottle-has those glazed over, calorie-coma eyes. 


Lastly…a picture of me opening my gift from Jake.  More details on that in a later post.