Sunday, March 20, 2011

Jewelry Tree

I wanted and needed a way to display all of my earrings and I wanted it to be pretty.  Time to call on Mr. Magillie.  Jake really is such a good sport about all of my projects.  I had admired some metal trees by this etsy seller but being a frugal I wanted to do it  on the cheap.  A little bit of a different look but still pleasing… I got my idea here.

You can make one too—it is easy! 

  1. Locate a good tree branch on the ground or prune your trees a little. :)
  2. Get a piece of scrap wood for the base and make it a pretty shape.  Sand and smooth as necessary.
  3. Drill a hole-roughly the size of the tree branch.
  4. Fit tree in the drilled hole.  If you have extra space you can secure with wood glue or putty.
  5. Spray paint with color of your choice.  ( I used with and then coated with a glitter layer of spray paint.  I thought it had a nice winter (ie) feel.)
  6. Arrange earrings on your new display piece!  So easy and pretty!!


Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Before and After…

Caleb got his first big boy haircut.  I can’t believe how much he looks like a little man—Jake in particular.  Love – Love- Love!