Tuesday, October 19, 2010

A Giveaway…

In a shameless display of self promotion, a few of my blogging friends have generously offered to host a giveaway of my Magillie jewelry.  I would love if you would if you would stop by their blogs and enter for a chance to win.  Come on.  A new bobble to wear!!   Or a great gift (if I do say so myself-heh heh heh) for you to give this up coming holiday season.  It is a win win situation. 

Elizabeth runs a very funny blog : http://halfbaked-twiceasgood.com/  You will quickly fall in love with her snark – cleverly wrapped up with some sweet, southern charm.  Don’t get me wrong though…girl can still curse like a sailor!  Which admittedly, I love since I am stuck in the land of “Oh Pickles”.

Jennifer runs the blog: http://boogaboojones.typepad.com/signposts/ This former editor now passes the time chasing after two little ones and personifying signs gone awry.  You will laugh yourself to tears with the mistakes on signage found all around the U.S.  She could probably keep herself busy with my blog too!  Seriously!

But all that aside check out these two blogs, they are great!  And enter the giveaways!  Come on—whatcha waiting for?

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  1. Way to make a girl blush, Jackie! Many thanks for the shout out. I've posted the winner.


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