Tuesday, July 28, 2009

How does one start a blog? I guess I will share the general purpose of this conglomeration of ideas.

  • An outlet--I gotta have someplace to put the random thoughts in my head.
  • A place to pimp my etsy shop…Magillie. That is http://magillie.etsy.com --I said http://magillie.etsy.com yup http://magillie.etsy.com. Eat your heart out Bill O’Reilly. I am going to push my shop as much as you do your book. Muwahhahahaha. Okay so really I could never be that bad.
  • Yup..you guessed it! Finally a place where I can talk about my family! Oh cripes…not another mommy blog!!! If this doesn’t have you running from your computer (heh heh) I don’t know what will.
In all seriousness I have some health issues that I were unknown until November 4th, 2008. So instead of looking at Web Md. compulsively I fell into the lovely world of handmade goods and scrumptious blogs of living the handmade life. My two favorites are etsy (naturally) and the angry chicken. Please visit these two wonderful sites.

Wow I am nervous and it shows in this writing. Starting your online identity is a lot of pressure so I guess in the words of Seinfeld “I’m leaving on a good (high) note” eeerrr at least I hope that I am. Hope to see you lovely readers (Am I really gonna have people that read this? Besides my mother’s obligatory reading???) again soon.

For all you grammarians I will attempt to correctly use my punctuation and spelling but most likely I will just say effit and write what I am going to write. I will try to contain my …s though. If I used them all up what would Kanye do? Oh snap.