Thursday, November 11, 2010

Soccer Ball Cupcakes

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Wouldn’t you play soccer if you get delicious cupcakes like this?  They were deeee-lish-ous and made by a wonderful mom on Lillie’s team who should really go in the business!  She made it all sound so easy breezy but this would take me forever!  What I do remember is that they were originally a box mix (A BOX MIX??? wha???) with some razzle dazzle of crushed up Oreos and and sour cream.  And to make the Oreo look like a soccer ball-marshmallow fondant!  We all know fondant looks pretty but it tastes well…I will leave that one for you to fill in.  But marshmallow fondant = good and pretty.  And yes that is an Oreo cookie on the bottom of this perfect cupcake.  I have to quit talking about this cause it just makes me want another one to eat.

Cupcakes aside –how was the soccer season you might ask.  Well, Lillie has graduated from picking daisy flowers to watching her shadow and chasing butterflies. On a good day, she would run with the pack.  When I was pregnant with Lil, we had a friend joke that we were hatching the perfect German athlete.  Hmmmm.   Time will tell on that statement but we do have the perfect little girl(spoken like a true mother).  One who worried when others were knocked over, was over dramatic when she was knocked over, who hugs her coaches and teammates and who still waves to me when on the field.  I will take it.


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