Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Birthdays sending you to the Poor House?

1601 Lillie’s social calendar has been grueling lately.  She has had so many birthday parties it is making my head spin.  It is so much fun to go to and see all the kids excited to play with their friends and open their gifts!  It seems hard to remember getting so worked up about holidays and birthdays but to see the joyous expressions of the children…priceless.  But if you have ever had a month like me (with a million birthdays at once-okay really just three kids and two family members but… ) it can be a leeeetle dreadful on your wallet.  Cue the moths.

One afternoon I was flipping through the Land of Nod catalogue I came across this bin of goodies.  Eureka!  The answer to my problem.  Am I going to buy this?—heck no!  I am going to steal the idea and get all my goodies at the dollar store.  Holla!  I can put together this little ditty cheaper and minus the shipping and handling fee.  I packed the colorful container with craft sticks, google eyes, beads, stickers, markers, construction paper, glue, glitter, tape and spangles.  The list goes on and on.  I spent $50 and some odd change.  Divide that by 3 (which is the number of  kids birthdays for November)and you have spent roughly $17 a package!  Awesome!!

Here are a few extra ideas you could add in for some more fun but will run up the overall cost of the gift.

A copy of Harold and the Purple Crayon or a book from Eric Carle would be a great addition.

I love the idea of a big roll of craft paper or the non coloring book. (I am still searching for a link to this one).

Include a good craft, how to or rainy day activity book for kids.

Or you could print a variety of free or low cost images from the web. 

Robert Sabuda has a great site and links to making your own pop up cards

This etsy seller has cute pdf files for sale too.  So drop some card stock in your printer and include a little extra something in your art boredom buster art kit.


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