Thursday, June 16, 2011

Happy Day

Happy Day…That is what I used to call the big celebration my mom would have for the June birthdays in our household.  Emily (my sister) and I both have June birthdays which were always lumped together.  My aunt has a birthday on the 1st and mix it all together with Father’s Day and a few graduation parties and voila—you have “Happy Day”.

I was thrilled when Caleb arrived on May 31st.  He clearly wanted no part of “Happy Day”. 

Good boy.

062 Who can resist this face?  Seriously.

For his first birthday I was keeping it simple.  A little cookout at the house for family and a few friends.  My goal was to have the place clean and quasi presentable for guests.  Oh-- and food and drink in bellies-cause don’tcha just hate when you attend a function and they don’t feed you properly?

The party was on Sunday over the long  Memorial Day weekend. Jake had taken Friday off (thank goodness).  We managed to pull it all together between house, yard and shopping for the event.

Well, while I was at Costco (told ya—I was really just trying to keep it easy).  I picked up the burgers and dogs and I saw beautiful red, white and blue desserts.  Some were cheesecakes with berries others were white sheet cakes with berries but I thought… nahhhhh.  I really want to make the cake myself.

We have serious foreshadowing people.  I should have known I was doomed.

Over a year ago I found this website after a search  for red, white and blue desserts. 

I could pull this off.  Everyone would be so surprised when we sliced his first birthday cake and a flag was inside.

Well 4 cake mixes--yeah I know… why I thought I could make this cake when from the get go when I have to use a mix…okay, but really I can make good cookies!  I swear.  ha ha ha.

Well 4 cake mixes later and I am left with a 3 layer round cake that at best is maybe 1 inch high.

   047 I honestly think I should have just frosted this and called it a night.   Jake had to make me two G and Ts to calm my nerves and it was already midnight.  Awesome.  On a side note the red came out nicely.

Oh. Dear. God.  I am having a Bridgette Jones moment and my soup is blue.  Except is it red, white and blue and this sh** (sorry peeps normally I keep this G but I have to paint the picture…) is everywhere.  Except on my pretty cake stand with cover from Williams Sonoma. 

Let me go on record—I will never make another (round) birthday cake again.  Although my brother-in-law was sweet and said I did have other chances to try again with this cake.  4th of July, Labor Day, Veteran’s Day… 

As it turned out the next day I made cupcakes.  They were equally as bad but my little you know who could have cared less.  xoxo




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  1. Thanks for the laugh (and making me not feel like I am the only one this has happened to). I attempted (twice as if once weren't punishment enough) to make candy cane cookies for teachers at preschool. Great idea, horrible turnout. The red dough looked fabulous though! They tasted horrible (and the recipe was followed exactly) and the recipe has gone into my File 13.