Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The best things in life…

aren’t things.  That is a quote I have heard and it makes me think of my little ones.

This past weekend, Lillie went out of town for a family reunion with her cousin and grandparents .  Gosh the house was quiet!  I missed my girl and even the constant yammer-yammer-yammer.

Caleb and I did do something special—I had his pictures taken professionally.  I plan to do a full post on this later but thought I would share one picture from the event.

This card was given to Caleb on his birthday from his Godparents Melissa and John.  Melissa’s mother makes these amazing cards!  Can you imagine cutting out all of that detail?  This sweetness is going in a frame. 

Magillie Birthday Silhouette

And now I get to put this picture next to it.  I know…sqeeeeeeee!

262270_10150282209862994_60314007993_9089011_4575168_n[1] Image from the wonderful Kerri Gibbs aka With Love Photography – stay tuned for more details on this great gal.

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