Friday, May 13, 2011


Lately Lil seems to be zooming through her clothing.  She looks too tall for about every pair of pants in her drawer.  I keep trying to stretch the wardrobe till summertime.  She could be looking like this entry

Oh well.

Pants aside -- Lil has been wanting to wear her dress shoes with all outfit selections and everyday to school.  I know her sneakers offer more room—so what gives?

Oh… the shoes look dirty.  Not like a princess.  Now I understand.  Well, cheap me does not want to buy some new sneakers right before summertime.  She will be barefoot or in flip-flops soon enough and if I can hold off till fall—that would be wonderful.

My little light bulb goes off… I remember this blog entry from the wonderful Pink and Green Mama.  This will do the trick.

I grab my sharpies and get to work right away.  I can crank this  out before preschool right?  It took a bit longer and I didn’t go in with a plan but my little princess was pleased with the end result. These rainbow kicks are her version of glass slippers!


006 008



  1. love this!!! what a great idea!!

  2. You rock! The shoes are awesome and that's the exact same reason I did "E"s shoes -- they were grungy and she wouldn't wear them - bought a few extra months of wear that way. Great job and thanks for the shout-out love!! xoxo ML

  3. What a great idea! They remind me a little of the Lisa Frank craze.