Sunday, January 3, 2010

Like daughter

I was finally taking some pictures off of my camera and I had a funny flashback to high school basketball. My fellow teammate K.S. told me-- "You dress like you are straight up homeless!" It had never really occurred to me but in fact was quite true. My sweats never matched and my family always has had a box of hats, scarves and gloves to pick from before you head out the door. It would be a rarity if you could find a matching set--so in fact I usually looked quite...well, homeless. I hadn't thought of that day since it happened until I got my daughter ready to play in her first dusting of snow. She looked straight up homeless. I laughed till tears were in my eyes. Thanks for the memory K.S.!

And as a side note for my own mother-- no worries snow boots were ordered right after I snapped this picture and came in time for the 20+ inches here in Virginia.

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