Friday, July 9, 2010

4th of July – late again. Do you sense a trend?

I love a long holiday weekend.  Extra time with the family, get togethers with friends and cooking out on the grill.  Lillie and I kept busy with some projects that I thought I would share. 

I decided to brave the tie dye experience.  I can’t believe that I have never tried this before now but really what better way to say I am an American then (than??  Oh crap…I am American!  No knowledge of grammar, spelling or as I am sure you have gathered…punctuation.) with some gaudy tie dye apparel?   We just used some older clothes for the project.  Everyone dug up an old white tee and I even found an all white onesie so Caleb could join in the fun.  I limited the palette to red and blue and we kept some of the tee white and ta-dahhhh!   Our patriotic look to sport on the 4th was complete.  It was fun…and MESSY!

  002 009

We remembered to wear our plastic gloves so our hands wouldn’t get dyed but I forgot about my feet and didn’t wear shoes.  Genius.  Lil really got into the color and I was worried her shirt would look too purple from the colors mixing but I was pleased with the end results.




And here is a quick project that cost under $5.  JoAnn flip-flops for a buck and a tiny amount of fabric.

019I thought this would be a good project for Lil to practice tying knots…she petered out after about two fabric strips so it became my project.  So if you want to try it at home just cut your fabric into strips and tie onto the thong portion of the flops and voila!

Firecracker Flops 



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