Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Children continue to amaze me because they understand things at their fundamental root... that as a grown up, you can easily lose sight of. My goose was being teased at preschool. PRESCHOOL! Does this happen already? At such a young age? Sadly, I suppose it does. When she shared this with me my Mama Bear instinct came out full force. I was ready to call moms and teach her some snappy responses to say back to her classmates when she said...it is okay Mama I forgive them. This little one continues to keep her Mama in check and God continues to teach me lessons in amazing ways. I will share a few photos from her haircut-the source of the teasing.


  1. Teasing?! In preschool?! The stinkers! Lillie's haircut is just beautiful! Give her hugs for us. . .

  2. I love her hair cut and yes we're dealing with mean girls here too...sadly I NEVER though it would have started this early. : (
    Love her new hair cut
    xoxo ml