Thursday, October 1, 2009

Okay…I have a confession to make. My dog is overweight. I know I know…bad pet owner. It has gotten to the point of being so bad that I dread going to the vet for his yearly shots. I don’t want to get yelled at. I already know we should walk more and I should feed him less but those big liquid brown eyes looking at me while I eat dinner…I just have to share. I know--for shame!
Things aren’t so bad that my dog looks like this

but then again he isn’t like this either.

But in my defense even if I don’t share-he garbage hunts. My dog has a nose! I know the situation is bad when our dear friends call him Porker instead of Parker--ouch. Well Jake and I had a moment of genius last night! Next time we have to take Parker to the vet (insert past due cause I fear them so much) we will suit him up in his doggy spanx. Yup. A girdle for my pup. It can be made to match his fur color etc--you know so it just blends in with his natural coat. Google! You let me down! I thought for sure someone else would have had this idea and you would have a nice little picture for me to insert. Alas no luck. So you will have to imagine the scenario.

Stage: In a room at the vet office

Me: Okay Parker…Hop up on the scale
Vet: I don’t understand--your dog has gained 8 pounds since last year…yet he looks so svelte.
Me: Turns to the camera and breaks the fourth wall like old school Fresh Prince episodes-- smiles, winks and whispers “Thanks Doggy Spanx!”
Me: Turns back to vet--Well you know muscle weighs more than fat so I am sure that is the reason…

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