Thursday, August 13, 2009

Okay, so I am drawn to the quirky, unusual and funny…snark also has great appeal. I was tickled pink when etsy ran an article in the storque about just such a thing. So reassuring to know you are not alone in a train of thought. A few winters ago my husband and I sent out a Christmas card that ushered quite a reaction. In Virginia on route 29 there is a gun store (shocker) that has a bear on the roof. A bear you say? Yes. A bear. The best part about said bear is that in the winter he gets dressed up as Santa. So a few years back this was fodder for our card.
I still laugh about how funny I thought this was and imagining certain relatives or friends opening up this piece of mail. Well, at any rate I thought I would also include a few images of funny signs that I came across while at Palouse Falls.

Speaking of funny... a nearby house has set out an (errrrrrrrr) interesting statue.? I have to say that this image really bothers me. Not quite as much as Francis Bacon art but it still is bothersome. Most likely this is due to my overactive imagination. I can just picture him coming to life and running around the neighborhood. I would love to know what you all think. Feel free to post comments.

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  1. Ok...this little guy is down right scary!!!!

    Can anyone say "Return of Chucky"

    Janet xox