Tuesday, March 9, 2010

For the birds...

I am afraid to jinx this beautiful weather but I will go for it...I think spring has arrived. At least I am desperately hoping it has--winter, I would like to send you packing. But winter I remember you are strong and mighty and I don't doubt you and your ability to come back in a snap. I just wouldn't like to see it until December. In the meantime---here are a few pictures of a homemade suet that Lil and I made for the birds during 2010 snowmaggedon. To quote Lillie "It was a BIIIIIGG project". Grapefruit shells, seeds, nuts, raisins, and leftover grease from the freezer. I wondered about the whole the thing but the birds were very appreciative and it was an afternoon of entertainment.

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  1. In case you did not already know, that is an adorable Wren at your grapefruit feeder. I have one in my garage..she has made a little bed in an old pair of swim trunks and stayed there all winter. She comes in at night and leaves in the morning. I have a feeling she is going to be building a nest soon ; -)